5 ways to create an easy maintenance garden

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Having a garden is a wonderful thing. You can use your garden to enjoy your free time, plant trees and shrubs, exercise and simply take a break from your everyday duties. However, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of having a garden you must take good care of it and this takes time. If… Read more »

Top 5 Perennials For Your Garden

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Perennial plants are great for adding colour and seasonal interest to your garden. Blooming from April to November they will often attract bees and butterflies and also make great cut flowers too. You can use perennials as fillers between shrubs, grow them in containers or plant them to create a beautiful herbaceous border. Herbaceous perennials… Read more »

Summer Jobs For the Garden – Quick Checklist

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Summer is just about here so it’s time to start doing all those summer jobs in the garden that you’ve been putting off. Here is a quick checklist to keep you busy:   Sow seeds of perennial plants, winter bedding and biennials outdoors Clip and prune hedges to give them a good shape for the… Read more »

What is Grass Growing Cycles? – Short Guide

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Grass never actually stops growing; it just slows down considerably during the winter months. When the temperature goes below 5 degrees Celsius, grass hardly grows at all. However, during the warm wet conditions of months like April, May and June, grass (seeding) grows very quickly. How quickly the grass grows can depend on a number… Read more »

Gift Ideas for Keen gardeners

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Whether added to seed-starting mixes, container plants, garden beds, or lawns we all know that compost is great for the garden. Here are some compost ideas that will make your garden thrive: Grass Cuttings – If you don’t want to leave these on the lawn where they ultimately disappear and feed the grass then mix them… Read more »

How to choose a tree surgeon

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Anybody can call themselves a tree surgeon and if you pick up your local newspaper you will more than likely see an advert for somebody offering to top and lop your trees – which is always a bad sign! When choosing a tree surgeon it’s always worth doing a bit of homework first to make… Read more »

Garden maintenance tips

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Overgrown lawns, persistent weeds and out of control shrubs are issues faced by many garden owners. However, there are certain garden maintenance jobs that if you tackle little and often will keep things under control and save you from bigger gardening tasks in the future. Here are a few examples: Weeding – the bane of… Read more »

Basic Guide to Garden Clearance

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If you are in the process of clearing your garden and starting to panic about all the rubbish and garden waste that is being created and what to do with it then please read on. Here is a quick guide to clearing your garden effectively and efficiently, saving on time and costs: Separate your greens… Read more »