Summer is the time of the year when gardens are used the most. However, the high temperatures can have a negative impact on the garden so this is something that you need to guard against.

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In addition, it is not unusual in the UK, especially over the last few years, to witness significant thunderstorms during the summer period and that’s why it is very important to come up with a plan that will keep your garden fresh, safe and beautiful in summer. There are many things that every homeowner can do, and we have decided to share three simple, yet efficient tips to keep your garden refreshed.

  1. Smart watering

If the lawn is maintained well, it won’t require drastically higher amounts of water for water during hot months. However, if you want to water smart and efficiently, you should consider the use of an irrigation system. This is a great way to effectively use water and to keep your garden attractive. There are special kits that you can buy which come with timers. By using an irrigation system, you can set the intensity of watering and the period of the day when this watering will take place. It’s a good idea to activate it in the early morning or in the evening as this will give the soil time to absorb the water in the right way.

  1. Mow the lawn using the right setting

It is highly recommended to use the high setting mode when it comes to the mower blade because by doing this the stems of grass will deliver sufficient shade to the soil and the cuttings will serve as mulch, enabling the soil to keep the moisture for a longer period of time.

  1. Try a different fertiliser

The soil is affected by the hot weather and it can’t always absorb the nutrition found in ordinary fertilisers. There are specially designed fertiliser that can be used when the temperature is high so do your research and choose a fertiliser that is right for your lawn.

If you need any advice about maintaining your garden this summer, please contact us now.


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