Having a garden is a wonderful thing. You can use your garden to enjoy your free time, plant trees and shrubs, exercise and simply take a break from your everyday duties. However, in order to fully enjoy the benefits of having a garden you must take good care of it and this takes time. If you’re looking for an easier life then follow these 5 methods that will help you create a low-maintenance gravel garden.

garden maintenance


#1. Prepare the area

The first thing that you should do is to prepare the area by eliminating all or almost all of the planting located on the borders. If you want to keep some plants, set them aside.

#2. Putting an edge

The next step is focusing on the lawn. You must determine the lawn borders and use the area within the border for planting. In order to mark this area, you will need to highlight the edges. If you skip this step, you will risk injuries from gravel whenever you trim the edges with your mower. Most people choose monoblock strip for the edging. These monoblocks are not big and they look attractive, so they can easily blend in. You need to place them in a mortar base. If everything is done properly, the monoblock will be located under the level of lawn and slightly above the level of gravel, keeping the gravel where it should be. When you edge the gravel area, you can start planting.

#3. Border preparation

Dig slightly over the border in order to bring more air in the soil and to ease your task. It is also a good idea to use fertilisers at this point because using this product later will be much more difficult. At the end, make sure that the soil is even.

#4. Planting borders

Choose the plants that you want to use and group them. By doing this you will get small floral islands and you will still get the visual effects of the gravel.

#5. Use the gravel

The final step is to put the gravel on the soil. Remember that there are different types of gravel, so use the one that you find most attractive.

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