When winter kicks in, people tend to hunker down and remain in their homes more. However, this doesn’t mean that you should forget about your garden in the winter months because your garden needs maintenance throughout the seasons. Your garden may not look as attractive as it looks in summer, but you can still make it look interesting and prepared for spring. Here are a few winter jobs you should take care of.


Taking care of the pond

If you have a pond then, first of all, remove the fallen weeds and leaves from the pond and cut the shrubs close to it. This is how you will provide access to the sun to the flora found in the pond. If you want to prevent the water from freezing, use a water pump, heater or simple polystyrene foam floats designed for ponds.

Maintaining the lawn

This is the period of the year when preparation for a new lawn should begin. If you are digging, leave a fair amount of soil clumps. If the grass is frozen in some areas don’t walk over those areas. Unfortunately, the winter months and cold weather don’t prevent the growth of weeds, so be careful and remove any signs of weeds. Of course, the area should be cleared of leaves, branches, and other similar debris as well.

Gardening equipment

Before you store the lawnmower in the garage or shed, you should perform thorough maintenance including sharpening the blades and servicing the engine. If there is fuel left in it, drain it carefully. The same goes for the garden hoses. They should be drained well because if there is water in them they can freeze and lose their properties. If you are using bamboo canes outside, use soil to wipe them before placing them again. If you are using branch loppers and lawn edgers during the summer period you probably won’t need them in winter so clean them thoroughly, apply some lubricant on them and store them. Although you’ll probably use the forks and spades, don’t leave them outside and keep them stored in a dry place.

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