Getting some fresh air in the winter months should give your well-being a boost so don’t hold back on tackling a few early gardening tasks.

While the early sun of spring still seems a long way off, making a few early preparations will help to set everything in place for a flying start when the warmer weather does arrive.

Trudging across a wet lawn is not necessarily a good idea as it will most likely churn up the lawn leaving it a muddy mess.

Instead leave digging, planting and lawn maintenance until later in the year.

January can still prove fruitful though by sorting out seeds and pots and having a general clear out and tidy up.

Make sure trees are protected throughout winter

It is also important to continue to check that plants and trees are in a healthy condition and are well protected from the cold weather.

Ideally frost protection will have been added to plants, pots and shrubs in the autumn but it is important to check that still remains in place, especially following windy weather and when a cold snap is forecast.

Use fleece to give protection to trees and plants, wrap pots in bubble wrap and add a layer of mulch to borders.

The weather will remain an issue for trees throughout the winter with heavy rain, strong winds and snow all bringing a potential threat.

While planting trees in a sheltered position will help, there is unfortunately little that can be done to avoid wind damage.

If there is a heavy snowfall it is wise to brush the snow off trees and shrubs as the weight can push the branches down and cause damage.

Likewise if heavy rain causes flooding in the garden act quickly to remove the excess water to protect plants and soil levels.

Planning ahead

While there is little planting to be done use the time to get organised by:

  • Cleaning pots and tools
  • Sorting through seeds for those that are still viable
  • Carrying out basic maintenance to sheds etc
  • Moving planters that you will no longer be using

For keen growers winter does present the chance to get some plants off to an early start.

Flowers such as sweet peas and petunias can be planted in January, while vegetables that benefit from a warm start will benefit from being planted early in the year indoors. These include basil, aubergines and chilli plants.

Keep an eye on temperatures and try to make the most of any natural light to get the seedlings off to a healthy start.

While having a tidy up may not be the most exciting prospect it will get you thinking about your garden in the year ahead and make sure you can get stuck straight in when the weather improves.

For advice on tree care and lawn maintenance get in touch with Garden Busters.

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