In a flash summer is suddenly behind us and your lawn may well be showing signs of wear and tear after all the fun of the warmer months, which makes autumn ideal for lawn maintenance.

Hopefully you will have managed to keep on top of cutting the grass as the wet weather we usually expect will make this difficult now.

If you were a bit neglectful of mowing duties it is usually best to leave wet grass alone as cutting wet grass can do more harm than good.

Grass blades will get broken off, your lawn mower will quickly become clogged up, there is a chance of actually churning up the surface of the lawn and – the most serious problem – if you use an electric mower there is a chance of suffering an electric shock.

If you do throw caution to wind and mow a wet lawn you may well find it grows back in uneven bunches.

Lawn maintenance, West Midlands

There is, however, still plenty that you can do to improve the appearance of your garden through lawn maintenance in the short and long term.

Moss removal

This is a good time to sort any issues with the quality of your lawn. If you have experienced problems with moss tackle it now by using moss killer.

Once the moss has turned black continue the lawn maintenance routine by raking the area to remove the dead moss and look for reasons that might be contributing to the problem such as shading from trees and plants.


Autumn lawn maintenance should also involve aerating your lawn by pushing a fork into the turf and moving it backwards and forwards to let the turf breathe. Repeat this across the lawn before adding a layer of sand to help to improve drainage.
Regularly raking over the lawn is another important aspect of autumn and winter lawn maintenance to help keep it looking neat but also to allow vital nutrients to get through to the grass.


Dead leaves that have fallen on the surface of the lawn will stop sun and new rain getting to the grass across the winter and could leave you with unsightly patches if not cared for with regular lawn maintenance.

Raking – or scarifying – the lawn on a weekly basis as part of a lawn maintenance routine should keep it in good condition.
One really important part of a lawn maintenance routine over the colder months is to ensure the lawn gets a rest. Try to stay off the grass as much as possible to allow it to recover and nurture strong growth once spring returns.

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