Trees are a fantastic addition to gardens – they bring privacy, interest and wildlife, but not all species are ideal for smaller gardens. Such is the powerful nature of trees that planting the right species can even help to control garden problems, particularly if you have clay soil or drainage issues.

Some trees, however, need space to breathe and, more importantly, grow – sometimes to epic proportions. With this in mind it always makes sense to do your research before investing, and to check out what is in your garden should you move house.

Popular garden trees

Japanese Maples (Acers) – These trees are available in lots of smaller sizes. Beautiful to look at, they boast fantastic autumn colours. 

Crab Apple – These trees have it all – fruit, beautiful spring blossom and can help with clay soil.

Amelanchier – These also help with clay soil and have displays of blossom in spring, as well as colour in autumn.

Cherry Blossom – A real favourite in many households for their impressive blossom, these make a great centrepiece. Although make sure to plant in an area where there is room for their roots.

Eucalyptus – Hardy and easy to care for, Eucalyptus make a good choice  – but stick to the smaller variety.

Problematic garden trees

Leyland cypress – These grow at an impressive rate and are incredibly thirsty. Although they make a great boundary they can leave patches of dead grass and block light from your garden.

Poplar – These are also fast-growing, thirsty plants that put down strong roots. Planted near to a building they can cause subsidence issues.

Oak – We all know what size these can grow to, but aside from that their shallow roots can grow rapidly becoming a problem for nearby buildings.

Ash – Beloved by many as a native, healing tree, be very careful that you have enough space to accommodate these fast-growing trees – and enough time to maintain them.

Obviously if you are lucky enough to have a huge garden that resembles a field in size, go for it and enjoy having the freedom to choose.

If, on the other hand, space is at a premium and you have a tree that is causing problems for you or your neighbours contact Garden Busters for advice.

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