If you are in the process of clearing your garden and starting to panic about all the rubbish and garden waste that is being created and what to do with it then please read on. Here is a quick guide to clearing your garden effectively and efficiently, saving on time and costs:

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Separate your greens – in the process of clearing your garden you’re likely to have a mix of green waste and other waste. Your green waste includes weeds, grass and leaves all of which are recyclable. Your other waste might be soil, bricks, old and broken garden furniture, plant pots, and plastic bags. It makes sense to separate your green waste because apart from making life easier for the people you have hired to collect the waste, it also makes it cheaper. Green waste costs less to dispose of so if you can create 2 distinct piles and inform the waste removal company you’ve hired then you’ll save some money.

Reduce bulk – once again, to save on costs it makes sense to reduce the amount of bulk in your waste as much as possible. This means bagging up leaves and grass cuttings and cutting bigger branches down into smaller, more manageable sizes. This will reduce the cost of waste removal because bulk and volume plays a part in the pricing.

Make life easy – the easier you can make things for the garden waste removal company the better. Charges will be based on volume and time to clear so bag up the waste as much as possible and try to pile them up as near to where their van is going to be as possible so that they can load the waste quickly.

Have you considered composting?

Rather than getting rid of your green garden waste then create a compost heap. You will need the space to do this and some know-how about how to go about it but if you can do this then you’ll save money and give yourself excellent planting compost for the future so it’s definitely worth considering.

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