Have you been left stumped by how to get over the final hurdle to clearing a patch of your garden?

Maybe you’ve moved into a new house and want to make a few changes, or you could have decided it’s time to tackle a long-ignored part of the garden. However, grand plans to overhaul parts of the garden or put in a new path can often hit a bump when it comes to the problem of dealing with tree stumps.

Gardeners can be left surprised by the size of tree stumps left behind when attempting to remove shrubs, trees and bushes. It doesn’t matter how deep you dig, your efforts are quite likely only to be rewarded with a snapped garden spade and backache.

Getting to the root of the problem, tree stumps are quite often just too tough to prise out by strength and determination alone, and are too deep to be tackled with a saw or axe – instead these times call for expert help.

Solutions to large root mass and tree stumps

While naysayers may tell you there is nothing that can be done to get rid of large tree stumps, Garden Busters can help you to prove them wrong. Specialist machinery that is surprisingly easy to move around will work beneath ground level to grind up stumps allowing you to make use of the area.

Equipped with a sharp blade, stump grinders cut through troublesome tree stumps turning them into sawdust that can then be removed from the garden. This leaves a hole that can be used to plant an alternative – or clears the way to lay a pathway or patio.

Don’t listen to anyone who says there is no solution for dealing with deep-rooted stumps, contact Garden Busters to find out how we can help you to realise your garden ambitions.

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