Overgrown lawns, persistent weeds and out of control shrubs are issues faced by many garden owners. However, there are certain garden maintenance jobs that if you tackle little and often will keep things under control and save you from bigger gardening tasks in the future. Here are a few examples:

Weeding – the bane of a gardener’s life during summer it’s always best to tackle weeds head on before they start getting out of control. This means promptly pulling them out or spraying thoroughly with a weed killer as soon as they appear and before they set seed. Bare patches of soil are the areas that are most prone to weeds so if you can do some planting and lay down some seedlings then weeds will become less of a problem.

Pruning – regular pruning of your plants will stop them from getting out of control and save a big job later on. By trimming off the tips of new growth you won’t be left with huge amounts of foliage to get rid of. The trimmings can even be left on the ground to turn into mulch.

Mulching – mulching after planting is always a good idea. It will help to stop weed growth and will prevent the soil from drying out. The great thing about mulch is that it insulates the ground in winter and keeps the soil cool in summer so it’s win win.

Mowing – once again, little and often is best when it comes to mowing. During spring and summer you should aim to only remove the blade tips of your grass and this will keep your lawn healthy and dense. You can even leave the cuttings if you want to because they will add organic matter to your lawn.

And there you have it. If you can get into the routine of doing the above then your gardening life will become much easier.

For more information about gardening or if you would like some help with the ongoing maintenance of your garden then please give Gardenbusters a call now. We’d be happy to help.

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