Spring is here and hopefully that means some much-need sun along with a healthy dose of rain to get everyone’s gardens flourishing.

It also means a return to weeding. Weeds are a fact of life and all good gardeners know the secret to having a great-looking garden is keeping on top of the weeds.

Weeds are also an important part of nature and will move in when a patch of soil is left untended.

Managing garden weeds takes planning, a bit of hard work and commitment.

The Best Way To Tackle Garden Weeds


Seeds are a major problem when it comes to weeds as they rest ready to erupt when disturbed under the surface of the soil – and fall from the heads of established weeds bringing even more weeds to your garden.

Taking steps to control seeds is an important step in managing the problem. To this end don’t turn over the soil unnecessarily and disturb dormant seeds, dispose of pulled up weeds carefully to avoid spreading seeds and cut off the heads of weeds before they have chance to drop seeds.


When pulling up weeds make sure to grab the whole plant, including the roots if possible, and pull straight from the ground to stop it returning.


Wet weather is the gardener’s ally when it comes to weeding as it is far easier to remove weeds. After a spell of rain, hit the garden as soon as possible and make the most of the conditions to easily remove weeds.

Hoe and Slice

For smaller weeds, or in the drier weather, using a hoe is a great solution for targeting weeds by slicing them off at the surface. Easier on the back, this is the best way to target tiny weeds.

Act quickly

As soon as you see a weed appear pull it out. This will help to stop them becoming established and dropping seeds onto surrounding soil.


Adding a top layer of mulch around plants is great way to help protect them and make them thrive. As well as bringing nutrients to the soil, mulch also helps to suppress weeds.

However should you have a large area of land that needs to be cleared of weeds you may find it more practical to use a weed killer. If you need help or advice on clearing weeds contact Garden Busters.

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