Before you hire a gardening company to do some work in your home, you must make sure that you hire the best possible company for doing such a job. The following tips should help you decide in choosing the perfect gardening company to do the work for you.

  • Does the company have proper insurance?

Reliable companies with a good reputation will have full insurance for public liability. This type of insurance covers possible accidental damage, and good companies will have no problems showing you their certificate for insurance either by e-mail or in printed version.

  • Do they have previous references and testimonials?

By checking out the experiences of other people about the business you plan to hire, you will get a general idea about how they work. Always look for references, testimonials, customer complaints or comments about the company. Social platforms are pretty good places to check out the company reviews and form your opinion.

  • Does the company provide a written quotation?

E-mailed or written quotations are very important, so you can be certain about what type of service you will get for your money. A verbal quote is sometimes ok but a written quotation is always better. The purpose of the quotation is for you to see a detailed description about the work that should be done, along with the proposed costs and expenditures.

These are some basic tips to have in mind before hiring a company, although there are many others. Regardless which company you choose, always ask questions and look for their previous work and experience. Reliable companies will always be happy to gladly respond to your questions and clarify things for you.

At Garden Busters we would be happy to show you our insurance certificates, references and testimonials and we will always provide you with a written quotation before commencing any work. Contact us now to discuss your gardening requirements.

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