Autumn is here, and with this season the typical colours of Autumn are settling in our gardens too. For many plants, the autumn season is associated with inactivity, but if you want to add colour to your autumn garden you can always use plants that flower later. In this article, we will mention some of these plants.

Salvia Blue Enigma

This plant that reminds us of a statue usually grows between 140 and 150 cm and has amazing spikes of beautiful blue flowers. The Salvia Blue Enigma will keep giving blooms starting from midsummer till the days when the first frost comes.

Hardy plumbago

These beautiful blue flowers that look like periwinkle, become visible in later summer. This is when their leaves start featuring some fantastic shades of red colour. Many people use them close to blue flowers so they can create contrast. Don’t forget that hardy plumbago is sometimes very invasive, so monitor its growth closely. Use a container and grow this plant in a sunny border.

Dahlia Honka

Stay away from dahlias that have very tightly squeezed petals. Stick to dahlias with open flowers that provide simple access to pollen. Dahlia Honka has proven to be very attractive to bees and those attractive blooms will appear until the first frosty days. Experts advise growing Honka together with Verbena bonariensis. During the winter period, store this plant in an area protected from frost.

Crocus Conqueror

When you mention crocuses, people usually think about spring. Howvere, there are crocuses that bloom in autumn too like the Conqueror variety. This plant has amazing blue and violet blooms in the form of a goblet. On top of that, they have a very interesting orange centre. These plants appear in the end of September and gradually start creating colonies.

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