If you need help with a tree at your home or commercial premises in the West Midlands you will need the help of a specialist tree surgeon

While a gardener can help with many aspects of lawn care and garden maintenance, trees require specialist care. 

Why do I need to use a tree surgeon?

Handled incorrectly trees can suffer irreversible damage, this includes heavy pruning that affects the fabric of the tree, missing the signs of disease and pruning trees at the wrong time of the year. 

As structural features in a garden, trees need specialist support to help them grow into well-balanced strong trees. A West Midlands tree surgeon will be able to advise you on when to prune a tree and make the required alterations to support the tree’s growth. 

Legal issues relating to trees

Some trees are protected by law and may even be subject to a tree preservation order. To make sure that you do not fall foul of the law when making alterations to a garden or industrial site seek the help of a West Midlands tree surgeon. 

As well as carrying out any work to the highest safety standards a West Midlands tree surgeon will be able to advise you on any potential legal issues and the action that you will need to take. 


When a tree needs felling, or work is required at a high level, having the correct safety procedures in place is essential. If someone inexperienced attempts to take down a tree it could have serious consequences. 

West Midlands tree surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in felling trees and have the equipment and knowledge to do this safely without posing a risk to people or property.

What is the difference between a tree surgeon and a gardener?

A tree surgeon, or arborist, possesses specific qualifications related to tree care. This demonstrates their understanding of different trees and the problems they may face. 

While often also working as gardeners, West Midlands tree surgeons will be able to demonstrate expert knowledge of trees. 

Unless a gardening service offers qualified tree surgery, always use an arborist/ tree surgeon for tree work in the West Midlands. West Midlands tree surgeons will usually have a qualification in arboriculture. 

Reasons to use a West Midlands tree surgeon

By choosing a qualified tree surgeon you can expect:

  • Structural pruning to support the healthy growth of a tree
  • The safe felling of damaged or diseased trees
  • Advice about badly located trees affecting boundaries
  • Structural planting in appropriate sites
  • Legal insight in the case of protected trees
  • Careful pruning to maintain safety and visibility
  • The health of the tree to be protected

Garden Busters are qualified and experienced West Midlands tree surgeons, available for commercial and domestic work. 

If you have any concerns about the location of a tree or a damaged tree – or want to introduce trees to a landscaped area Garden Busters can help. 

For more information on tree surgery – or general gardening – in the West Midlands please contact us today. 

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