Autumn is just as important for your garden as any other season, and we have provided a few vital tips you can use to get your garden ready.



1 Plants that don’t like the season should be moved indoors.

To keep your plants looking fresh and so they can last through the harsher months, consider moving them indoors. Winter comes pretty quickly, so it will give you plenty of time to protect your plants before the colder months come.

2 Protect your plants

For plants that can’t be moved indoors, wrap them in season-proofed materials and prop up stems with sticks so they are as protected as they can be from wind, rain, and snow.

3 Preen, prune, and bin!

Clean up your garden and dead-head your plants. Collect any seeds and harvest any fruits or vegetables. Trim any hedges and trees you might have – especially if you live somewhere known for heavy snow, as this will make it easier for you once bad weather hits.

4 Harvest

Harvesting and trimming your plants allows them to flourish in the winter months, giving you a beautiful garden even in colder weather.

5 Plant

Autumn is the time to plant your spring collection! Get sowing and look forward to when the first buds start to grow in the New Year.

6 Enjoy the last of your summer garden! (Until next year)

Phew, all that work deserves one last look at your flowering plants on a mild day. Grab your camera and take some photos for before and after pictures!

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