If you want to enjoy your garden in summer, you must prepare it before the warmer months arrive and the season starts in earnest.

During the spring, it will rain regularly, which means that you don’t need to be concerned about cutting grass and watering the plants. Of course, if for some reason spring is not rainy, you should get involved in these activities. When it comes to cutting grass, observe the growth rate of grass and cut it when the days are dry. A non-electric cutter allows you to cut the grass even when the days are wet. Of course, this activity requires more effort.


Instead of waiting for the summer to plant some flowers, shrubs and other plants, you should do this in winter or spring when the prices are usually lower. This is a good way to save some money. If the plant must be planted outside in summer, you can always plant them in a pot first and keep them inside your home until summer arrives.

Furthermore, you must take special care of the weeds. You will need adequate equipment and tools to do this job. Trowels are probably the basic tool you’ll need in this process. With the help of a hoe you will be able to remove even the largest weeds. If the weeds are too dense in some areas, you can also use commercial or home made weed killers.

When you clear the garden and remove the weeds, it is the right time to evaluate your lawn’s condition. It is very likely that after the winter, your lawn will need some attention. If you want to have a lovely garden during summer, you should not skip this part. Purchase some high-quality fertiliser and manure (in your local store or online) and use it in the soil with the help of a spade and pitchfork. By doing this, you will provide the necessary nutrients and make the soil very fertile – ideal for the growth of veggies and plants.

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