The colours of autumn leaves are very beautiful and many artists use these colours as an inspiration to create paintings, photographs or even songs. However, these leaves will reach the ground sooner or later and for keen gardeners, they can soon start to become a problem. This is the time when people usually start gathering the leaves and try to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, only a small percentage of homeowners are aware of the fact that these autumn leaves can be used more effectively than simply throwing away.


Turn them into compost

Autumn leaves are an ideal addition to the compost heap. They won’t break down very fast, but you can speed up this process by covering the leaves with an old carpet for increased heat and by spreading the leaves in a wider area. You can also cut them in smaller pieces. Autumn leaves are great garden compost that can be used in spring.

Using autumn leaves as mulch

In case you have some winter plants in your garden (winter cabbage, kale etc.) you can shred these leaves and place them in the form of a layer around them. As they slowly break down they will bring the necessary nutrients in the soil and make your winter plants stronger.

Create leaf mould

In case you didn’t know, a leaf mould is a special material that consists of rotting leaves that is placed on top of a soil that is very dense and difficult for the plants to grow on. A leaf mould will soften the soil and make it more fertile.

Use your lawnmower

If you are not a big fan of raking, you can always use your lawnmower. In this way you will practically mow the autumn leaves in the lawn and improve the quality of soil.

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