Solid, sturdy and robust they may be but trees can also need some extra care to make sure they can continue to thrive, which is where a tree surgeon in the West Midlands can help.

While most trees will grow without additional support they are prone to being a home to pathogens and insects. 

This is all part of nature, but the problem is when the presence of a particular pathogen or insect is problematic for the tree. 

In particular invasive insects and pathogens accidentally brought in from overseas on other plants – or introduced to the area though the atmosphere or on footwear – can cause havoc for native trees. 

Having not grown with the presence of the pathogen or insect the tree’s natural defences struggle to cope, leading to diseases that can be a real risk to their health. 

With the tree’s defences struggling to fend off the disease it can affect its appearance and even kill it off. 

A shocking example of this is the case of Ash dieback, which has found its way to the UK from Asia. This disease is deadly for trees and it is forecast that the country could lose 95 per cent of its Ash trees to it. 

When to seek help form a tree surgeon, West Midlands

However, not all tree disease will prove to be so catastrophic and if caught early and treated by a professional tree surgeon in the West Midlands, the tree could thrive once more.

Tree Surgeons

Keeping an eye out for the signs of disease in trees is a good way of helping to protect them and to keep your garden healthy. 

Signs of tree disease include:

Holes and cracks in the bark – this can be a sign of decay and could be a cause for concern. Further investigation by a tree surgeon in the west midlands would help to confirm – and treat – the problem.

Poor growth – This is an obvious indicator that something is wrong with the tree and it is either failing to get the nutrients it needs or its growth is being hampered.

Spots on leaves – These can be caused by insects and fungus, while some cause no problem at all other spots can be a sign of a serious disease.

Peeling bark – Bark is important in protecting the tree and if this layer is not intact it may mean it is not retaining all the nutrition it needs.

Dead twigs – If you are concerned about the state of a tree and it looks like it might be dying twigs snapping off and having no green sap in is a signal this is the case. Always call a tree surgeon in the West Midlands if you are concerned that a tree is dying. 

As well as affecting the appearance of trees, disease can also make a tree unstable, so it is important to seek the help of a tree surgeon in the West Midlands to either treat or fell the tree. 

Garden Busters is a team of highly skilled and experienced tree surgeons in the West Midlands. If you have any concerns about a tree in your garden or on your property get in touch to find out how we can help. 

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