Keeping your garden neat and organised is a time consuming and difficult job. Ordinary gardening activities like weeding, watering, pruning and mowing require a lot of effort and time. This is difficult for many people especially for the elderly and for people with busy working lives. By using low maintenance garden ideas, you can reduce the time spent on these activities and still enjoy the beauty of your garden. Here are some ideas to inspire you:


Simple can be beautiful too

Who says that your garden needs to have complex features to look attractive? If you want to reduce your time spent on maintenance, go for a minimal look. For instance, avoid high maintenance ponds or planting many different kinds of flowers and plants. Keep things simple and plant hardy perennials which will come back every year, without too much effort on your behalf.

Focus on low maintenance plants

While we are talking about plants, it’s worth mentioning that there are some that don’t really need much care and attention to flourish. Primrose, lavender, rosemary, and periwinkle are some great plants like this that you can grow in sunny areas of the garden. For areas that are mostly covered in shade, you can use ferns, euphorbia, snowdrops and hellebore.


Mulching is a must because it enables you to keep the ideal level of moisture in the soil which ultimately means that you don’t have to water your garden so frequently. In addition, mulching prevents the appearance of weeds. Your garden soil, or its health and texture to be more precise, will benefit from mulching too.

Reduce watering time

If you want to reduce watering time, you can always install an automated watering system. Just set the time when you want your garden to be watered and that’s all you need to do.

Reduce the number of containers

It’s also a smart move to reduce the number of containers and increase the number of plants grown on beddings. The reason is simple – container plants are very needy – they need more watering, more fertilisers and repotting. Bedding plants don’t.


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