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It’s no surprise that people choose the warm, cosy log-fires of their lounge rather than the composts heaps of their nippy, damp gardens around this time of year. But as the winter months go by, your garden can drastically get out of hand and overgrown if left untreated. This is why the winter months provide the perfect opportunity to get your garden in order ready for the full bloom of spring.

If gardening isn’t your thing but you want a garden to be proud of, then employ GardenBusters to get your garden in pristine condition and ready to bloom to its full potential as the spring sunshine begins to resurface. Experts in tree surgery and garden maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands, we offer a committed and all-round garden service.

Garden Professionals

From grass cutting and weed control plus much more demanding projects such as slabbing, bricklaying and turfing, there really is no job too big or small as we ply our trade both domestically and commercially.

Tree surgery is a technical and intricate process and requires the greatest of consideration and skill to execute it precisely and safely. Our qualified professionals use efficient and reliable methods based on years of experience and their success is complimented by our ‘customer recommendations’.

But there are jobs you can do yourself to keep on top of your garden. Here are just a few tips:

  • Sweep up those dead and fallen leaves from your lawn and pathways to avoid any unwanted mess as well as reducing the risk of slipping. Dispose of them in a compost bin as a pile of leaves swept into the corner can become an attractive home for snails, slugs and other pests.
  • With your summer plants on their last legs, brighten up your garden with some new winter bedding. Consult with your gardener about what is best to plant and let your creativity blossom.
  • If you feel like getting your hands dirty then now is the perfect time to cut back the dead wood and thin out your shrubs. Don’t be afraid to give them a drastic cut too. Whilst they may look bare now, a good trim will allow them space to grow freely in the coming months.

For a look at the range of services we provide, check out our website or fill out our call-back form and a member of our team will be more than happy to speak to you.

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Having trees in your garden can be either a blessing or a curse; they can provide much needed shade and the seasonal changes make a beautiful sight. On the other hand they can also make it difficult for other flowers or plants to grow in the surrounding area and can make your garden an absolute mess in the autumn; if the downside of having a tree in your garden is outweighing the pros then you’re likely to be considering removing the tree. Tree removal, however, can be extremely dangerous and it’s essential that you consult a certified Arborist; luckily, here atGarden Busters we can help as we only employ the most experienced and knowledgeable certified Arborists.

What Is An Arborist?

An Arborist specialises in the management, cultivation and study of trees as well as shrubs and other plants. It is the health and safety of individual or a group of trees that Arborists will focus on and a result, they are experts when it comes to removing trees in the safest way possible.

Why Do You Need An Arborist?

If a tree is removed from your property in the correct, safe way then it can add value to your property and significantly improve the appearance of your garden, leaving it open for new designs that suit your needs. If a tree is removed incorrectly, however, it can be exceedingly dangerous and could lead to accidents or to your property being damaged.

Why Choose Garden Busters?

Here at Garden Busters our team is made up of only highly experienced certified Arborists that can ensure your tree is removed safely and aid you in the process of your tree removal. Before removing a tree you must be granted permission from your local authority which can be confusing; luckily, our wealth of experience means we can give you all of the advice and information that you’ll need to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Why not contact us today to find out more about our range of quality services? Alternatively, don’t hesitate to visit our website for additional information.

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We were asked by a large company in Redditch to carry out some work on site to create a decking and picnic area for staff. We supplied and fitted a large part of the area with decking which was completed within 4 ½ days.

This has now created a wonderful rest area overlooking the lake and fountain for staff that work within the factory.




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At this time of year, many people will be busy making adjustments to their garden, getting it ready so that when the summer finally arrives, you can just sit back and relax in the warmer temperatures that our climate brings. As part of this preparation, you may consider the space you have available, whether it’s a small cottage garden or a sprawling estate on country manor, you’ll no doubt feel that it’s not enough for what you need, however with the stump grinding Birmingham service we provide here at GardenBusters, your outdoor space can instantly be transformed and enhanced. We have a team of highly qualified experts, who can turn their hand to a number of different things, so you can be confident that, no matter what your requirements, you’ll find the ideal solution here.

Have you got an ever expanding family that shows no sign of stopping? This can cause a problem when you all descend into the garden in the warmer weather to enjoy a BBQ, sit around as a family and just enjoy being together or even when the children release their energy playing with their new toys, especially if your garden is of the smaller type. Stump grinding will enable you to make the most of the space you have available, by opening up areas of your garden that otherwise would have been unusable.

Often trees can only be cut as low as the stump because of the soil and various other elements, however using our expertise, we can effectively and efficiently remove stumps. We can remove many different sized stumps and will ensure that upon completion, your garden is left in the best possible condition according to health and safety standards, so you can rest assured that the children will be safe to run around and play all they wish.

The team here at GardenBusters are proficient in a wide range of gardening services; simply pick up the phone and call us on 08000 35 11 33 to discuss things in further detail today.

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A tree is something we should always be able to see when we look out of our windows, as the tree is the universal signifier of natural life and each one has its own age-old story to tell. However at times and due to a whole array of different circumstances, trees can get a little bit out of control and require some high-quality tree work Solihull to bring them back to their best or to remove the problem completely. Here at Garden Busters, we have the team to ensure that all trees across the area are under control and bringing the flourish of natural beauty that we love them for.

Tree Maintenance

It could be that the tree outside your premises now resembles Medusa’s hair, with the branches spiralling out-of-control in every direction and causing a problem for nearby buildings and the pedestrians down below. The tree maintenance we provide here at Garden Busters is the perfect remedy for this, as the tree can stay, but simply be given the much-needed care to make it safe once again.

Tree Felling and Removal

Some trees though could be causing more of a problem or be suffering from disease and decay – and unfortunately will need to be removed completely. Once again we can accomplish this with an array of methods that are tailored to the situation – felling if there is enough space for it, or careful removal if the tree is in a built-up area.

Stump Grinding

Our job doesn’t end there either, as a felled or removed tree will leave a protruding stump, and whether its builders West Bromwich looking to carry out work on the area, or if you are simply updating the exterior of your property, a stump will block you from doing so. Our stump grinding service will remove every trace, so however much your trees are out of control, enlist the right certified arborist and choose Garden Busters.

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If you have an old tree stump in the middle of your garden, you may not give it much thought. After all, it’s only small and not really stopping you from enjoying your garden, is it? Yet imagine for a second that is wasn’t there, and now try and think of all the things you could do with the extra space. They don’t take up much room on their own, but their presence will make it difficult for you to make the most of your outdoor space, and at GardenBusters, we can offer specialist stump grinding Birmingham to help unleash your garden’s potential.

The stump is left behind after a tree has been felled as cutting too close to the soil can damage the chainsaw. This is where our stump grinding service can come in, and we have a variety of equipment which can remove stumps from far beneath the ground level. We know that when you employ the services of a maintenance company to carry out a job, you expect a certain level of professionalism, which is why we only use up-to-date equipment to ensure you’re satisfied with the work we do.

Once the stump is removed, all you need to do is start thinking about what you can do with the extra space. Whether you want to build a shed or summerhouse, put in some garden furniture or just plan to leave the space for the kids to play football, you’ll have far more scope to make your garden the best that it can be.

All of our team here at GardenBusters are fully trained and insured to give you peace of mind, so if you want to remove a tree stump from your garden, make sure that we’re your first port of call. To find out more about ourstump grinding Birmingham service, as well as all of the other work we can do for your garden, get in touch with us on 08000 351 133.

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Taking care of your home or commercial property consists of more than simply looking after its interior. Both at home and at the office, the importance of your outside space cannot be underestimated – whether you have a large sprawling estate or a small plot of land. When you are looking for a way to improve the appearance of your property and enhance the exterior of your home or commercial building, GardenBusters can provide a comprehensive range of garden maintenance Edgbaston services which can help to keep your green space in top condition throughout the year.

Instead of rooting around in sheds Birmingham to find your garden equipment, or trying to make space in your busy schedule to take care of your commercial garden, why not leave your garden in professional hands? Our green-fingered team are highly experienced and well-qualified to deal with a wide range of requirements, so who better to give you a great looking garden to be proud of than the experts at GardenBusters?

No matter how much money you invest in the interior of your home or office, and how much time you spend choosing the décor of your property, a poorly-maintained garden can soon undermine even the most stylish and well-designed of properties. Homeowners want gardens which they can enjoy, whilst commercial clients want outside spaces which enhance their corporate brand and welcome visitors. Whatever you are looking for from your outside space, garden maintenance is the key to achieving it.

It would be impossible to detail all of the maintenance services that we can offer to domestic and commercial clients alike, but you can rest assured that if your garden needs it, GardenBusters can provide it. From taking care of your trees with felling and pruning, to eradicating pesky weeds, mowing your lawn or fertilising plants, our team have it covered with our garden maintenance Edgbaston service. There is no doubting that we can help to improve the appearance of your property; all that remains is for you to get in touch.

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It’s the time of year when many will be venturing out into their garden as the daffodils are in bloom and it’s the perfect opportunity to transform a dis-used space into a haven to relax in during the summer months. If you’re in need of some assistance to renovate your outside space, the team to call upon is GardenBusters. We offer a range of services and can provide you with an experienced and professional tree surgeon Solihull. We pride ourselves on ensuring that, regardless of your individual requirements, we can help, and you can rest assured that once our team has finished, your garden will be left in impeccably good condition.

Trees are an important aspect in nature, and although they are pleasing to the eye sometimes can be a nuisance if they’ve grown in an awkward place, or you’re left with just a stump. Neither of these elements need to be a problem, as with our expert team we have the expertise and skills at our fingertips to eradicate any issues that you may have.

We use only the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that our service is always the most proficient. Generally tree stumps can’t be cut lower than soil level; however our team has up to date machinery meaning we can remove stumps to well beneath ground level. This will not only improve the aesthetics of your garden, but will also prevent anyone from tripping over the stump.

With our service, you can rest assured that we will follow strict health and safety practices and we will take the utmost care when working in your garden, so you needn’t worry about protecting your sheds Birmingham or other garden furniture.

If you’re looking for a tree surgeon Solihull, don’t hesitate to contact us here at GardenBusters. As a leading firm in the industry, we are confident that no matter what your requirements, we can help. To find out more about the array of services we offer, feel free to browse our website today.

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden filled with beautiful trees, you will understand the importance of maintenance to keep them looking healthy and impressive throughout the year. From time to time, tree surgery Solihull may be required to give your trees a new lease of life, and when this is the case, it is necessary to find an expert and experienced team of tree surgeons. GardenBusters have a comprehensive range of tree surgery services which can take care of your trees, or effectively remove them from your garden when they have lost vitality. The expertise of our team is second-to-none, and we are experienced in tree surgery for a range of species – including willows and elms.

Willows are some of the most striking trees, whilst a healthy and well-growing elm tree is a rare but delightful sight. Whether your trees require some expert attention to treat a disease – Dutch elm disease is one common problem with elms – or some simple pruning to maintain their impressive look, it is important to employ a certified arborist with the necessary skills to successfully and safely take care of your trees. GardenBusters have a whole team of qualified tree surgeons who are experienced in using a number of highly-effective techniques to maintain any variety of tree. We can also complete effective felling to safely remove a tree without damaging your property orgarden buildings Birmingham.

Tree surgery consists of more than simple pruning or felling, and a knowledge of trees and their varieties can help a tree surgeon to provide a more professional, comprehensive service. You can rest assured that your trees are in specialist hands with GardenBusters, as we are experts in willows, elms, and every other kind of tree that you might find in your garden.

We understand that your favourite willow tree or prized elm will be one of the most valuable and appealing features of your garden, which is why we will work hard to take care of them with our professional tree surgery Solihull services. If your trees require some tender loving care, get in touch with GardenBusters.

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Beautiful flourishing trees can enhance the appearance of virtually any landscape. However, a diseased and wilting tree can become a real eye sore whilst potentially destroying other trees in close proximity. At GardenBusters we specialise in providing professional tree removals Stratford, ensuring that surrounding trees are not affected at the same time as maintaining the beautiful appearance of your garden or grounds. Read on to explore why it is important to remove diseased trees and how our team of fully trained specialists can assist you.

As diseased trees can cause serious problems, it is important that you can recognise clear symptoms in order to act swiftly in removing any affected trees. Clear signs that a tree is diseased include:

  • Leaf Discolouration
  • Wilting
  • Defoliation

As mentioned, diseased trees can quickly contaminate surrounding healthy trees through their roots or by insects carrying and spreading the disease. Such is the rapid nature that tree diseases can affect a healthy vibrant tree, a tree can die within just a few months of first becoming affected. With this in mind, it is vitally important that should you notice any clear signs of tree disease within your grounds, you contact our professional team here at GardenBusters as soon as possible.

With many years of experience, you can rely upon our team to carry out quick and efficient tree removals, ensuring that surrounding trees are safeguarded from infection whilst maintaining a blossoming appearance in your grounds; important if you are looking to put up your property for sale North London.

If you are concerned that any of your trees are diseased, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of fully trained tree fellers here at GardenBusters to arrange professional tree removals Stratford in order to protect the surrounding areas from infection. Call us today on 08000 35 11 33.