Are you tired of looking out of the window and being underwhelmed by the view? It could be time for a fresh start for your garden.

All great accomplishments take planning, and updating a garden is no exception. Use the winter months to plan exactly what you want to do so you are ready to dig in as soon as the milder weather arrives in spring.

Many homes are limited by the space they have to create a garden but this shouldn’t deter you from trying out a more adventurous design – and including trees.

Small things often come beautifully packaged, and the smaller a space the easier it is to maintain (in theory!).

Take inspiration from these garden styles to change your look on the world immediately outside your window:

Traditional English garden

Ever popular, the traditional English garden – often referred to as a cottage garden – sees flowers, colour and interest packed in. Suited to the English climate, greenery is usually a key feature, especially well-tended lawns, along with brick walls or a privet hedge.

Trees that are to be found naturally in England unsurprisingly make the best fit, such as ash, oak and birch – as long as you have room.

Japanese Garden

The attention to detail that delivers a calming effect has made the Japanese garden very popular, if not tricky to achieve. The emphasis is on hills or stones, bridges and different textures such as sand and gravel, while water nearly always plays a part. Acer trees (Japanese maple) are the natural choice as well as being ideal for all sorts of smaller gardens.

Mediterranean Garden

Dictated to an extent by the temperate climate of southern Europe, Mediterranean gardens are usually liveable and easy to look after. Terracotta pots, decorative tiles, climbing plants and al fresco dining areas dominate the look. Grasses, yucca, olive and citrus trees will all look the part.

Eco garden

Sustainability is more important than ever and using our gardens to welcome creatures that are struggling is a great option. Plant bee-friendly flowers and shrubs that will attract insects and butterflies to give nature a helping hand.

Try to use low-impact repurposed materials and always go for the natural option. If trees are already in place leave them there, if you want to add more trees go for it – they create oxygen and help to fight climate change. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is a great idea in eco-garden and as such fruit trees make another good choice.

When choosing how to renovate your garden consider carefully what you want to achieve then work out what plants and trees will compliment your chosen scheme.

For garden maintenance and tree surgery requirements please get in touch with Garden Busters.

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