Proper care and maintenance are integral to every usable garden. It doesn’t really matter if you follow a DIY approach or you are using professional help, you will still need to find out how to maintain your garden in a proper way. This is especially true when it comes to the summer period when the weather plays a big part in how your garden will look. Here are a few summer garden maintenance tips to help you keep everything under control.



This is obviously one of the most important issues during the summer period. For instance, native perennials which have deep roots don’t require much water, but young perennials must be watered on a regular basis. The water should sink in the soil not run off. Increase the amount of watering during the summer for all plants.

Organic fertilisers

Generally speaking, fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides contaminate soil and the environment. You can use the summer period to try a different approach. Use just organic fertilisers and see how it goes. According to many experts, if you use organic fertilisers and you are able to boost soil fertility, you should be able to keep the plants healthy and reduce the need for maintenance.


This is another important activity that should be carried out during summer. If you want to increase the strength of your plants, don’t hesitate to prune them every now and then. Of course, shearing is not an option because it makes the plants weaker. If you don’t know how to perform pruning in the right way, ask for help from a professional.


The beautiful weather during the summer period is not only good for the plants you are trying to grow. Weeds definitely love summer too. As we all know, they are very harmful plants that occur in every garden without appropriate maintenance. They are very aggressive and interrupt the proper growth of plants around them. Regular weeding is required in the summer months to keep control of the situation.

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