Having an unwanted tree stump in your garden can be a nuisance and trying to remove it yourself can be very time consuming, labour intensive and more often than not, unsuccessful. If you are trying to use a chainsaw to get rid of a tree stump you can only cut it so far without damaging the chainsaw on the ground and trying to remove the stump from below the ground level is virtually impossible without the right equipment.

At Garden Busters we provide a comprehensive stump grinding service that can remove stumps from well beneath the ground level. Using the latest machinery we are able to tackle any size of tree stump and remove it without hassle.

Removing tree stumps will improve the look of your garden, enable you to use that space again, make it easier to mow your grass and not cause a safety problem from tripping over it all the time. That’s the thing with tree stumps in the garden, if you’ve got one you’ll lose count on the amount of times you will trip over it! Stump grinding can cure that for you!

Effective and Environmentally-Friendly

Other benefits of stump grinding is the accuracy in which the job can be carried out, without causing any damage to surrounding plants, trees or landscaping. Once it’s gone you’ll hardly remember that it was ever there.

Not only that, stump grinding can stop disease spreading to other trees and plants. Conservation groups often call in stump grinding specialists to get rid of contaminated stumps before they can spread disease to surrounding vegetation. This helps to preserve the trees and plants surrounding it and ultimately improves the environment for everyone.

Stump grinding machines have cutter wheels which are specifically made to grind a stump into tiny pieces and typically, a stump grinder can grind a stump 6 inches below the ground, removing all visible trace that the stump was ever there.

If you’ve got a stump that you keep tripping over and spoils the look of your garden then please give us a call. We would be happy to help you.

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