If a large tree is causing a problem in your garden or if you have a tree that is already dead and needs removing then there are quite a few things to consider before starting the project. The size of the tree and the accessibility to the tree is clearly going to be a major consideration. If the tree is close to electricity cables or water pipes then great care has to be taken. In situations like this the removal process may have to take place in various stages to ensure safety and that no damage is caused.


There are also important considerations if the tree overhangs a road or public highway. In situations like this then the tree surgeon may have to implement traffic control measures or even road closures to facilitate the work. In order to do this then consent needs to be gained from the local authority and the additional costs met by the tree owner.

In addition to the removal of the tree there is also the issue of stump removal. Stump removal is a separate process and requires different equipment. Using stump grinding machines is a good way of removing the stump. Stump grinding machines have cutter wheels which are specifically made to grind a stump into tiny pieces and typically, a stump grinder can grind a stump 6 inches below the ground, removing all visible trace that the stump was ever there.

Only deal with reputable tree removal companies

Any reputable tree surgery company should offer a removal service ensuring that any chopped wood is taken off your premises and disposed of appropriately. We advise you to always be wary of rogue traders who offer incredibly cheap tree removal services. These traders are unlikely to have the public liability insurance or the training needed to carry out the job safely and effectively.

We would also advise that homeowners should not tackle tree removal themselves or hire a handyman. The work can be very dangerous and you need to make sure that there are appropriate indemnity insurances in place.

At Gardenbusters we have many years experience in tree removal and possess all the relevant insurances to carry out the work professionally and to a high standard. Contact us now for more information.

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