A tree is something we should always be able to see when we look out of our windows, as the tree is the universal signifier of natural life and each one has its own age-old story to tell. However at times and due to a whole array of different circumstances, trees can get a little bit out of control and require some high-quality tree work Solihull to bring them back to their best or to remove the problem completely. Here at Garden Busters, we have the team to ensure that all trees across the area are under control and bringing the flourish of natural beauty that we love them for.

Tree Maintenance

It could be that the tree outside your premises now resembles Medusa’s hair, with the branches spiralling out-of-control in every direction and causing a problem for nearby buildings and the pedestrians down below. The tree maintenance we provide here at Garden Busters is the perfect remedy for this, as the tree can stay, but simply be given the much-needed care to make it safe once again.

Tree Felling and Removal

Some trees though could be causing more of a problem or be suffering from disease and decay – and unfortunately will need to be removed completely. Once again we can accomplish this with an array of methods that are tailored to the situation – felling if there is enough space for it, or careful removal if the tree is in a built-up area.

Stump Grinding

Our job doesn’t end there either, as a felled or removed tree will leave a protruding stump, and whether its builders West Bromwich looking to carry out work on the area, or if you are simply updating the exterior of your property, a stump will block you from doing so. Our stump grinding service will remove every trace, so however much your trees are out of control, enlist the right certified arborist and choose Garden Busters.

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