There are always plenty of maintenance jobs to do in the garden and winter is no exception to that. Let’s take a quick look at some of the jobs you can be doing over the next couple of months:

1. General repairs to fences, sheds and garden buildings
2. Cleaning foot paths of algae and moss
3. Pruning fruit trees, shrubs, roses
4. Spraying fruit trees and roses to get rid of black spot spores
5. Protect any plants or pots which might be vulnerable to frost
6. Get rid of damaged/diseased foliage around shrubs and trees
7. Mulch around your fruit trees and shrubs
8. Repair and sharpen garden tools
9. Look after the birds in your garden by providing fresh water, birds seeds, fat balls etc
10.Insulate outdoor taps


In the winter it can seem that all growth in your garden has stopped. However, there’s still a lot going on under the soil such as trees and shrubs, perennials, and bulbs growing roots and drawing on the soil nutrients and moisture around them. Worms and other insects in the soil will also be processing the organic material in the ground and providing necessary aeration.

What can put a big halt to this is a substantial frost or heavy snow. To protect against this you should spread new mulch to protect both your plants and soil from extreme temperatures. By keeping your soil and plants at an even temperature during the winter months you are giving them the best chance to yield and thrive during spring and summer.

There are plenty of jobs around the garden you can be doing during winter and we’ve barely scratched the surface with the above. Garden maintenance is something that requires time, commitment and patience so if you could do with a helping hand or need some friendly advice on how best to maintain your garden during the harsh winter months then please give us a call on 08000 35 1133.

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