While nature will dictate the growth a tree takes, very careful pruning can help a tree to take a healthy, strong form.

Corrective pruning is essentially carefully cutting back trees in specific areas to help control the thickness of the tree and the form it takes as it grows. This should be carried out by a professional tree surgeon.

By carrying out careful pruning as your tree grows you should be able to tackle any potential problems before they become a major issue or a threat to the health of the tree.

Pruning to resolve a problem that has grown out of hand can be tricky and, as with most tree pruning, will need to be done by an expert.

Corrective pruning to prevent problems

Corrective, or formative pruning, will help to nurture the tree as it grows to help it form a strong, thick shape and avoid potential problems.

As space in most residential gardens and public landscaped areas is often restricted, encouraging a tree to grow in a certain way from an early point makes sense.

Tall, wiry trees that have grown without direction can become a problem if the structure is weakened to the point that a storm could possibly bring it crashing down on a house or pavement.

Trees can also pose a problem in urban settings where utility lines may still run overhead.

Overhanging branches could be another threat to public safety, while crossed branches can pose a risk to the health of the tree.

Corrective pruning aims to deal with these potential problems before they are given a chance to develop.

How corrective pruning protects tree health

Corrective tree pruning is not just about protecting nearby structures or passers-by though, it can play an important part in protecting the health of the tree.

If branches are carefully tinned out on an annual basis during the early growth period it will maximise the light that is able to reach the tree.

Regular corrective pruning will help to identify any signs of tree disease at the very earliest opportunity, allowing it to be dealt with swiftly.

Gentle corrective pruning will help to nurture your tree for a strong future, rather than allowing a problem to grow out of control.

Contact us about corrective tree pruning

If you are concerned about the growth of one of your trees, or wish to book a pruning appointment with one of our tree surgeons please get in touch with Garden Busters.

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