When it comes to trees specialist advice and care is essential and it is this knowledge that distinguishes an arborist from a gardener.

In both professions individuals can hold a wide range of skill sets and qualifications but the fundamental difference between an arborist and a gardener is that an arborist is a tree specialist.

Tree surgeon or arborist?

Often referred to as a tree surgeon, an arborist will have extensively studied the science of trees to develop an expert knowledge about growing conditions, care and treating problems such as disease.

Along with this they will posses wide knowledge on the specific characteristics of tree species.

An arborist in the UK can hold a certificate from further education or even study the subject to Masters degree.

One thing is certain – an arborist is an expert in tree care. While a gardener can have extensive knowledge about all other aspects of garden care, such as structural planting, drainage, lawn maintenance, fencing and paving, tree care should be treated separately.

Why is specialist tree care so important? 

Incorrect pruning can damage a healthy tree so it is important that trees are carefully pruned and that any potential problems are dealt with correctly.

Careful pruning from an early age will help a tree to grow strong and in good proportions – an arborist will be able to guide this growth.

When dealing with trees health and safety is vital and arborists have the right equipment and knowledge to carefully fell a tree if needed – or even climb it to carry out pruning.

Gardening and tree surgery do usually go hand-in-hand and it is not uncommon to see tree surgeons carrying out other garden tasks. At Garden Busters we think having a complete skill set to make the most of your garden is ideal, which is why we cover many aspects of garden care for customers across the West Midlands and beyond.

Trees are a fantastic addition to gardens and a vital part of nature, make sure all work is carried out by an arborist to make sure your trees remain safe and healthy.

Contact the professionals for advice

Professional arborists will be more than happy to conduct a site visits to discuss your needs.

For advice from certified and experienced arborists get in touch with the Garden Busters team by calling 08000 35 1133 today.

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