If you are using the help of a tree removal service, it is very likely that you will have to make a decision about the removal of the tree stump as well. So, prior to the arrival of the tree removal expert you should also think about the tree stump that will be left. If are not sure whether you should remove it or not, consider the following:

  1. Stumps ruin the look of your garden

Let’s be honest, tree stumps are unattractive and they will ruin the aesthetic appeal of your garden. If you enjoy being in your garden, then unwanted tree stumps will be a continual annoyance to you.

  1. Stumps are dangerous

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the risk these stumps bring. They are especially hazardous to children. If they are playing in the garden they can easily trip over the stump and hurt themselves. Keep in mind that you could be held responsible for any accident involving a tree stump and potentially be held liable if you are sued because of an injury.  Also, when maintaining your garden, you can also easily forget that they are there and damage your lawn mower in the process.

  1. Stumps support growth of new trees

It is not unusual to notice new sprouts coming from stumps. As a result, you will sometimes witness the growth of a few small trees in the vicinity of the stump. Once again this can aesthetically damage the look of your garden and even if you cut the new sprouts, they will grow again after a while.

  1. Stumps are wasting your space

This is a huge problem especially for those who have small gardens. There are some big stumps with huge roots that can cover a relatively large area in a small garden. This will potentially stop you from utilising the garden the way you want to.

  1. Stumps attract bugs

If you leave a stump or a few stumps in your garden, this part of the tree will keep rotting for a while. During this process, it will become a perfect spot for termites, beetles, and other bugs.

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