The winter weather can very soon leave outside areas looking neglected, which makes regular grounds maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands an important consideration.

Rain, wind, ice and even the odd bit of snow will all have an impact on the way outdoor areas look so whether it is your home garden, a community space or the landscaped surrounds of an industrial estate or large office, maintenance will be needed to keep it looking tidy.

The thought of heading out into the cold weather of winter may act as a serious deterrent to amateur gardeners – and it is possible that some companies only employ seasonal staff to take care of grounds maintenance in summer. This is where Garden Busters can help. 

Offering a year-round service we can take care of all aspects of grounds maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands. 

Why is grounds maintenance important in the winter?

Heavy downpours washing soil onto walkways and leaving gardens sodden with water is only just the beginning of the impact the winter weather can have on grounds maintenance. One the ground has become wet, grassy areas in particular are prone to being churned up by people walking over them. 

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Installing drainage in problem areas or erecting subtle deterrents, such as structural plants, can help to protect grass so that it looks its best in summer and spring. 

The winter can also be a good time to tackle any problems with trees, such as uneven growth or overhanging branches. Work should be timed so that it doesn’t interfere with the tree’s growth with many species suitable for winter pruning. 

Winter, while not a bumper season in the garden, can still see some growth in the garden and regular grounds maintenance can help to encourage this. 

In addition, there is the need to protect the plants that have been planted ahead of the coming spring. To make sure these are not damaged by the harsh frosts of winter, protective mulch and coverings may need to be used.  

One thing is for sure though – mud, dead leaves, wind and rain can all add up to a mess. If dead leaves and mud have been washed across your carefully landscaped surrounds, regular grounds maintenance will be needed to keep them looking good. 

Safety first: Stay safe with grounds maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands

It is not all about the way that things look though, poorly looked after pathways, public access-ways and gardens can present a danger. 

Damp dead leaves piled onto pavements where they have fallen from trees are a real trip or slip hazard. Shaded areas can all too quickly become carpeted in moss, which again is terribly slippery for people walking over it. 

Muddy paths also present a hazard – and who wants to arrive at the office splattered with mud from the walk there?

Regular grounds maintenance throughout the winter will ensure that your garden, landscaped grounds or community spaces all remain tidy and safe whatever the weather. 

For information on grounds maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands contact Garden Busters. 

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