First impressions matter and the exterior of your business is no exception, so make sure that your grounds always look the part with commercial weed control.


Borders drowning in weeds, pathways covered in moss and doorways bordered by overgrown tufts of grass can really undermine the message that your business wants to send out. 

Untended and neglected grounds suggest, among other things, that attention to detail is lacking and that neatness and organisation can be overlooked. 

While the opposite of this may actually be true, making a good impression is imperative when winning over new customers and clients – and a scruffy welcome may very well set you off on the wrong foot. 

What does commercial weed control cover?

Whether it is a large industrial site, construction site, council building or commercial premises, commercial weed control will consider the best approach to reducing and controlling unwanted weeds. 

As well as making an area look uncared for and unkempt, weeds can actually pose a structural risk. Left to grow out of control some weeds can damage brickwork, roofs and pathways. 

In addition, moss and brambles can pose a hazard to pedestrians who may trip or slip on them – especially if they are unseen in the darker evenings. 

As companies have a duty of care to workers and visitors alike it is important to keep on top of grounds maintenance with regular commercial weed control. This will ensure that walkways and car parks remain accessible and safe.

Commercial weed control can help with:

  • Maintaining the smart appearance of grounds
  • Removing trip hazards
  • Ensuring car parking areas are kept in good condition
  • Allowing structural plants to flourish
  • Protecting pathways from damage due to weeds
  • Removing moss from walkways and access points

Safety first with commercial weed control

Commercial sites will differ in their size and landscaping, meaning a dedicated approach is needed to best maintain the grounds. 

A commercial weed control specialist will consult the owner about what the main problems are and what level of control is needed. 

Measures can be put in place to help minimise the growth of weeds in some areas, while commercial weed control solutions will be needed that allow structural and decorative plants to continue to thrive. 

Garden Busters is a grounds maintenance specialist in the West Midlands and uses highly effective biodegradable weed control chemicals where needed, to ensure that the job gets done while the surrounding environment is protected. 

Garden Busters will work with your company to discuss whether it is just commercial weed control that is needed or wider grounds maintenance to keep the site in top condition.

As out team is trained and experienced in the use of commercial weed control solutions you can have peace of mind that the job is being carried out safely and effectively.

Make sure that you always strike the right impression from the start by keeping your premises looking neat and tidy with commercial weed control. 

To discuss weed control at your premises, or to get a quote, contact Garden Busters.

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