When you can’t leave home keeping busy is a great way to pass the time – and this is certainly the time for your garden to shine.

A good garden needs looking after and the one thing most people really do have now is plenty of time at home so follow these top spring gardening tips to get ahead.

Clean up borders 

Putting in the groundwork will really pay off in the long run for borders and flower beds that look smart and well stocked. No doubt borders are showing signs of neglect after a long – and very wet – winter. Thankfully the start of spring has been blessed with fine weather that has allowed flower beds and lawns to dry out making them far more workable.

Clear out dead leaves, debris and any rubbish that has blown in while also pulling out weeds. Cut back any plants that need it and redefine the border if needed.

Dig over soil as best you can and fork in compost to improve the condition.

Improve your lawn

Start to mow your lawn again after the winter break, trying to leave the blades of grass longer to encourage strong growth. As your lawn starts to grow again give it some encouragement by putting down moss killer, applying fertiliser when rain is expected and over-seeding patchy areas.


Plant vegetables and flowers

If you are intending to grow vegetables or flowers from seed this is time to get them started. Keep seedlings warm as the start to grow but remember to replant them before they get too tall and thin.

Seeds are proving popular with online shoppers but if you are patient you should still be able to get some. It is also worth calling around local plant centres and garden centres that remain open to see if they can deliver to your home. This is a great project to get kids involved with too and will help with their understanding of science and nature while they can also keep a diary of plant growth.

Structural work

All those projects you have been meaning to tackle but keep putting off can finally get some attention – as long as you can get hold of the materials you need! Broken fences, ill fitting gates, loose coping stones can all be fixed now. Tackle jobs on a one-by-one basis rather than feeling overwhelmed by a garden full of time-consuming tasks – you will soon work through them.

Plant care

Spring is the ideal time to split and divide and to prune perennials and spring flowering bulbs. You can choose to add more plants and trees to your garden, and also feed existing plants with compost.

Spring is the perfect time to put in the work to allow you to then enjoy the garden all summer long and, while you are spending so much time at home, it makes perfect sense to get stuck in with overdue jobs.

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