It seems that the weather forecasters do, on occasion, get it right as Britain’s landscapes are draped in a soft white blanket. So with the dropping temperatures, wet overlay and icy surfaces, it is no surprise that gardening won’t be at the top of many people’s to do lists!

Whilst this winter has seen more floods that frost, if the forecast is anything to go by, the final months of winter are due to play out as unpredictably as ever. The weather has never been a problem for us here at Garden Bustershowever, as we ‘plough’ on come rain, snow or sleet.

As specialists in tree surgery and garden maintenance, we pride ourselves on our unmatched work ethic as well as our commitment to providing a quality service to all of our customers, whatever their needs may be. We really are the first choice when it comes to finding a reputable and established garden and landscape management company.

Part of the Busters Group, our trained and experienced tree surgeons and landscape experts will be able to assess and carry out your work safely, using effective and efficient procedures. From tree pruning and felling to site clearance and landscape maintenance, our dedicated teams will be able to offer their honest and friendly advice to ensure your project is carried out to the best possible standard.

With all this cold and frosty weather, what does this mean for your garden or landscape?

  • Winter is not known for the growth and blossom of its gardens, but with the recent floods and snowfall, your lawn will be delicate and fragile. So, if possible, try to avoid treading on your lawn as you may cause damage to the grass seedlings.
  • Bushes, shrubs and trees will gather the snow if they have not already been trimmed back. By shaking the branches, you can clear them from the build-up of snow which, once accumulated, can become quite heavy and damaging to the plant.
  • Your pathways, driveways and road surfaces will become slippery and potentially dangerous. Avoid those little accidents by spreading de-icing salt or grit on your surfaces.

With these tips you can sit back and enjoy the winter snow, without the worry of your garden suffering. For more information, check out our website for an extensive look at our services.

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