Taking on a neglected garden can be a challenge in more ways than one and while you may want to shape your own vision, clearing the garden waste to allow you to get to work could be different matter altogether.

Whether it is a public or community garden you want to get to grips with as part of a group or business, or you have moved into a new home with an outdoor area that more closely resembles a jungle, Birmingham garden waste clearance can help you get the start you need.

Beginning a new project with a blank canvas works on a number of fronts by giving you the space to think as well as the space to work.

With this in mind it often makes sense to completely clear an area before getting down to the hard work of designing and landscaping the garden.

While most people may consider overgrown hedges to be a bit of a problem when it comes to getting rid of waste in one go, some major Birmingham garden waste clearance areas can generate an almost industrial amount of waste.

Obviously how much garden waste you will generate and how you intend to get rid of it will largely depend on the size of the plot you are dealing with.

Don’t underestimate garden waste, Birmingham

It is quite likely that a major overall of even just a small household garden in Birmingham could generate enough waste to fill a skip – consider overgrown bushes and plants, knee-length grass, dead plants, debris abandoned in the garden and broken paving and the project can rapidly outgrow the boot of a car.

More significantly though industrial or community areas in Birmingham that are being transformed into open space can throw up the sort of garden waste that requires professional help to dispose of.

Disused areas could have been used for unsavoury purposes and left littered with needles for example, which require specialist disposal. There is also every chance that a degree of heavy lifting will be involved if the area is cleared of any brickwork or masonry.

Rather than take a chance on moving heavy or dangerous items on your own it is always advisable to seek professional help.

Birmingham garden waste – the solution

Garden Busters offers a Birmingham garden waste service and is also equipped to deal with general waste removal. Our specially trained staff can clear sites quickly and safely allowing you to focus on the job in hand.

Garden Busters staff are also gardening specialists who can work to transform gardens or undertake tree surgery.

If you have an outside area in Birmingham that needs clearing of garden waste contact Garden Busters for a reliable, safe and efficient service.

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