If you’ve been looking at your tree all winter thinking it really needs pruning, the time to act is now for the best results.

As soon as spring arrives trees begin to actively grow once more and need all their energy reserves to fuel that growth.

This means the winter months when deciduous trees lie dormant is the ideal time to prune trees without causing any harm and allowing for strong growth.

Why prune a deciduous tree?

In a forest, field or large garden there could well be no reason to prune a tree unless it fell victim to disease, was storm damaged or posed a risk through the way it has grown.

In a garden or commercial area, however, the need for formal structure and a lack of space will mean pruning is a necessity to help to control growth and to protect the strength of the tree.

Ideally trees would benefit from being professionally pruned by a tree surgeon from an early point, helping to guide growth to maintain a strong structure.

The reality is usually very different and trees are often left to their own devices until there is a problem, or space becomes sparse.

Call a tree surgeon to prevent damage

A tree is very much a living thing and altering it without causing damage means being careful. Hacking away at branches is never advised and can cause permanent damage or even kill the tree.

Branches cut too close to the trunk can pose a potential problem as can excessive thinning and or taking the top off a tree, which is particularly ill advised.

Instead when you are concerned about tree damage, a tree becoming too big, or branches causing a hazard, using the services of a professional tree surgeon will mean careful thought is given to how the changes will affect the tree.

Pruning will be done to maximise growth and protect the structure and health of the tree.

Getting any pruning out of the way before new leaves begin to appear will mean minimal disruption to the growth of the tree and ensure it will flourish in the future and not risk deformity or failing victim to disease.

If you have a deciduous tree that needs pruning, or if you are worried about the safety of low-hanging branches, make contact with an experienced tree surgeon at Garden Busters – we’re here to help. Call us freephone on 08000 35 1133.

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