Trees have a major structural influence and it important to know when specialist tree work in Birmingham is needed rather than maintenance or general gardening.

Domestic gardens, parks, school grounds, industrial parks and streets are all often home to trees, which help to give definition to an area and lift its appearance.

However to protect the structure and further growth of trees that bring real beauty to wherever they are planted tree work will at some point be required.

Specialist tree work is carried out by a highly trained tree surgeon (or arborist) who knows exactly when and how to prune a tree to protect it from damage and maximise it strength.

If there are trees in your garden, on your property or that you have the responsibility for here are five issues that could require specialist tree work in Birmingham.

Dangerous/ overhanging branches

As trees grow it is possible for the branches to develop in a way that could ultimately become dangerous to passersby or buildings, such as leaning too close to a building or falling heavily over a pavement. Branches touching overhead lines can also be a problem. To remove the branches safely seek the help of a specialist in tree work in Birmingham.

Uneven/ poor growth

Trees can provide excellent structural additions to sites and gardens but if they are not cared for properly growth can become uneven and trees can even grow at an angle or in a way that weakens the structure. Tree work from an early stage concentrating on structural pruning will help to guide the growth of the tree.

Storm damage

Storms can wreak havoc on structures and trees, and a tree that has been badly damage by strong winds for example could become a danger if part of the tree has been left hanging over a road. A specialist in tree work in Birmingham will be able to assess the damage and advise on the best options – and can complete any work without causing further damage.

Structural concerns

Some species of tree can grow in a surprisingly short space of time and when planted next to borders, such as fences, or close to buildings these can threaten the foundations. Specialist tree work can help to control growth or recommend action, which may including felling the tree.

Signs of disease

Spotting the signs of disease and taking action to treat it is a specialised skill. Left untreated disease can become seriously problematic for trees. If you suspect that a tree on your property is showing signs of tree disease call in a specialist in tree work, Birmingham, as soon as possible.

Caring for trees is a specialised skill set and to ensure the health of the tree – and those around it – tree work in Birmingham should always be carried out by a professional.

For any tree work in Birmingham contact Garden Busters.

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