It’s no surprise that people choose the warm, cosy log-fires of their lounge rather than the composts heaps of their nippy, damp gardens around this time of year. But as the winter months go by, your garden can drastically get out of hand and overgrown if left untreated. This is why the winter months provide the perfect opportunity to get your garden in order ready for the full bloom of spring.

If gardening isn’t your thing but you want a garden to be proud of, then employ GardenBusters to get your garden in pristine condition and ready to bloom to its full potential as the spring sunshine begins to resurface. Experts in tree surgery and garden maintenance in Birmingham and the West Midlands, we offer a committed and all-round garden service.

Garden Professionals

From grass cutting and weed control plus much more demanding projects such as slabbing, bricklaying and turfing, there really is no job too big or small as we ply our trade both domestically and commercially.

Tree surgery is a technical and intricate process and requires the greatest of consideration and skill to execute it precisely and safely. Our qualified professionals use efficient and reliable methods based on years of experience and their success is complimented by our ‘customer recommendations’.

But there are jobs you can do yourself to keep on top of your garden. Here are just a few tips:

  • Sweep up those dead and fallen leaves from your lawn and pathways to avoid any unwanted mess as well as reducing the risk of slipping. Dispose of them in a compost bin as a pile of leaves swept into the corner can become an attractive home for snails, slugs and other pests.
  • With your summer plants on their last legs, brighten up your garden with some new winter bedding. Consult with your gardener about what is best to plant and let your creativity blossom.
  • If you feel like getting your hands dirty then now is the perfect time to cut back the dead wood and thin out your shrubs. Don’t be afraid to give them a drastic cut too. Whilst they may look bare now, a good trim will allow them space to grow freely in the coming months.

For a look at the range of services we provide, check out our website or fill out our call-back form and a member of our team will be more than happy to speak to you.

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