Witnessing the emergence of a few weeds in your garden is pretty normal but it is very easy for these unwanted plants to spread quickly. There are many people who believe that leaving a small amount of weeds is a good idea, but the fact is that they are not easy to control unless you make some special borders to keep them in one place. So, it makes more sense to get rid of them. The summer is approaching and this is the ideal time to start this process.


Spring is the season when weeds reappear and unfortunately they tend to appear everywhere. The good news is that instead of digging and compromising the soil, you can eliminate weeds with the non-invasive method of mulching. To counteract weeds It is good practice to make elevated beds made of compost in the winter period. However, this method doesn’t guarantee the blockage of the growth of perennial weeds that have proven to be very persistent. Bindweed is one good example of that, but mulching can be helpful even in cases like this.

Compost is an efficient and effective method of combating weeds. The roots and leaves of the weed will keep decomposing beneath the compost and at the same time, the plants that you want to thrive will keep growing freely. A compost of about 6 inch thickness should eliminate perennial weed while annual weeds will be eliminated under 3 inch compost.

Weeds are the bane of many a gardener’s life but if you react in a timely manner, you will be spared from the trouble later. Make sure that you are taking regular care of your garden and you will enjoy a weed-free summer in your garden.

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