Nothing beats the look and feel of a grass lawn but to keep your garden looking at its best regular lawn maintenance will be needed.

Rather than an end of season task, lawn maintenance should be treated as a routine job to keep your lawn looking in top condition – and to make it easier!

If you feel plagued by moss, dry patches or untidy borders a little work every week will have your garden looking lush, green and tidy in a relatively short time.

The benefits are obviously that not only will your garden look fantastic when you look out from the house, but as soon as the sun shines you can make the most of it playing with the kids or lounging around reading a book.


Tips for effective lawn maintenance:

Regular mowing in spring/summer

As soon as the drier weather appears make mowing the lawn a routine. This is important as while long grass can very quickly look untidy, cutting grass too short can weaken it. Ideally you want to be cutting the blades of grass by one third when mowing. Regular mowing will help to protect grass from weeds, drought and bald patches while ensuring lawns get enough nutrients.

Feed the lawn

Good lawn maintenance means making sure the grass has what it needs to grow. Feeding the lawn with a fertiliser in the spring and once in summer should help to keep it looking lush.

Let it breathe

Aeration is important to lawns as it helps to stop them becoming too compacted, which can in turn inhibit growth. Aerating the lawn is also a good way to ensure that nutrients and water can get to the roots of the grass which makes it a worthwhile exercise at least once in the growing season.

Lawn maintenance: Watering

Rainfall generally means that the gardeners of the UK do not need to worry excessively about their lawn drying out. However, summer heatwaves can take their toll on lawns. In the event of a prolonged dry spell try to continue to water your lawn, however, the good news is that parched grass will recover well come autumn.


Weeding is not just confined to your borders unfortunately. The same problems of weeds taking nutrients and suffocating plants also apply when it comes to lawn maintenance. Easing out weeds such as daffodils and thistles while treating moss will help to keep your garden looking good.


Raking or scarifying the lawn helps to remove moss or any dead plants, leaves and weeds that may be preventing grass from getting all the nutrients and sunlight it needs. Make this an end of season job every autumn.

Good lawn maintenance can take commitment so it could be worth considering professional help to keep your garden looking its best.

Garden Busters have extensive experience in lawn maintenance and can carry regular maintenance or one-off work.

For help with your lawn maintenance get in touch with Garden Busters.

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