Summer is just about here so it’s time to start doing all those summer jobs in the garden that you’ve been putting off.

Summer jobs

Here is a quick checklist to keep you busy:


  • Sow seeds of perennial plants, winter bedding and biennials outdoors
  • Clip and prune hedges to give them a good shape for the rest of the season
  • Make sure your lawn gets its regular cutting and TLC. Cut the grass using the lowest height on the lawnmower setting and during dry spells, give your lawn a good soak.
  • Apply wood preservative treatment to your fencing, sheds and summer houses
  • Tackle those paving and wall building jobs that you’ve been thinking about
  • Put the last of the summer bedding plants out in June
  • Attend to your bed and border maintenance
  • Cut back any early flowering plants such as delphiniums and lupins to give you displays well into September
  • Keep on top of plant feeding, dead heading, weeding and watering


Jobs for later in summer will include deadheading and regular feeding of roses, removing diseased leaves, taking cuttings of shrubs and the sowing of hardy annual seeds in pots for autumn planting.

There’s always plenty to do in the garden for summer so if you need a helping hand, please give Gardenbusters a call.

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