Weeds – they really are the pest of the gardening world and regardless of those hours spent pulling them out given the chance they will spring right back up again.

Neat patios, tidy borders and even finely manicured lawns can seemingly be overcome by weeds leaving them looking neglected in the blink of an eye.

As well as making a garden look messy, weeds also sap much needed nutrients possibly leaving plants that you actually want to thrive short.

With a summer of bountiful sunshine followed by the more traditional deluge, weeds have been given plenty of fuel to grow, which unfortunately means even more work for gardeners.

Finding time to control weeds

So much of the problem with weed control is the time needed to keep the problem in hand. It really does take hours of dedication to keep borders weed free.

For many people, particularly those blessed with a large garden this time can be incredibly difficult to find amongst work, family commitments and day-to-day living.

Fortunately weed control solutions can be a real help at suppressing those dreaded garden invaders.

Ideally weeds can be pulled up but for larger weeds and problem areas – particularly on driveways or commercial properties it may be more convenient to use a professional solution such as weed killer.

Professional weed control

Professional weed control experts such as Garden Busters can use a variety of methods to remove weeds. For most weeds a spray will work – Garden Busters uses biodegradable chemicals that keep the environment safe.

On cases of particularly tough or invasive weeds burning, stem injection, and burying may be a better solution.

Once the hard work of removing the weeds is complete there are steps that can be taken to keep weeds under control.

Mulch is a great option in that not only does it look great and help to nourish and protect garden soil it also helps to suppress weeds by depriving them of light and making it difficult for them to push through.

Weed control fabric can also be used to cover particular areas to stop weeds coming through and is particularly useful for laying under gravel paths or areas that will not be planted.

Careful monitoring to spot the first signs of weeds appearing is always worthwhile to keep on top of unwanted garden visitors as soon as they appear.

If you feel overwhelmed by the weeds in your garden or driveway let the professionals take the strain and get in touch with Garden Busters.

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