The needs of homeowners change and adding pathways or patios is a great way to make better use of your garden but what about when a tree – or tree stump – is in the area that you want to pave?

Trees play an important part in garden life giving structure, acting as natural shields and encouraging wildlife but trees can also bring plans to redesign your garden to a halt.

Trees are often planted alongside a house to give privacy and to break up the appearance of walls – these areas can also be valuable pathways that give better access to gardens and provide excellent storage for items such as bins or even bikes.

Taking up large shrubs and trees can be more complex than initial thoughts as while taking the tree down to ground height is one thing, this can only be done to a certain level leaving the tree stump sticking out.

Moving a tree stump to create a driveway or path

The only solution to install a driveway or path successfully is usually to have the stump taken out leaving a clear area to work with.

There are obviously situations where trees can be maintained and paved around to great effect but when the tree sits directly in the middle of the pathway action will be needed to accommodate the change.

Rather than hack frustratingly at the remnants of the tree it makes sense to call in a tree surgeon, who can use professional equipment to move the tree stump effectively.

Taking the entire stump is important to avoid any ground movement in future years which could result in damage to the path or driveway.

Tree stump removal

Removal of tree stumps to accommodate a driveway, patio or path will see the stump either dug out – if it is small enough – or more commonly removed by a technique known as stump grinding.

This involves using specialist machinery to grind down the stump, turning it into wood chips or sawdust. This is a job best left to the professionals as the machinery can be dangerous if not used properly.

Garden Busters are fully trained in using stump grinders and have insurance in place.

If you are thinking of installing a patio, driveway or garden path but need a tree or tree stump removed get in touch with garden busters.

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