Gardeners are an intriguing and passionate breed. The care and attention to detail they show, not forgetting their commitment to tending and preparing their gardens whatever the weather is something that must be applauded. Whilst the freezing and gloomy winter months have prevented many gardeners from exercising their green fingers, the prospect of spring’s glorious blossom has many gardeners excited.

Tree And Garden Maintenance Specialists

Here at Garden Busters, we share this passion and commitment to protecting, preserving and maintaining your gardens and landscapes. Our specialist garden maintenance and tree surgery services see us operate extensively throughout Birmingham and the surrounding Midlands areas.

Whether you ‘re looking to enhance the look of your outdoor space, require regular and reputable garden maintenance or are in need of an established company for a one-off landscape project, we are the only place to look. With an array of services at our disposal, our experienced gardeners and tree surgeons will ensure that your garden maintenance needs are met and exceeded.

So with springs bloom a matter of weeks away…

What Can You Do To Prepare Your Garden?

1. Repair & Replace

The winter winds may have caused some damage to your fencing, raised bedding boards and trellises. Bowed, broken or leaning panels and posts should be repaired or replaced now whilst your shrubbery and plants are not growing at their usual rate. Support any fixtures with stakes if needed.

2. Prepare Your Lawn

You may have forgotten what your lawn looks like, let alone the last time it was mowed before winter. Be sure to clear off any winter debris, leaves and dead growth and rake any bare spots before seeding. The sprinkle of grass seeds must be watered until new grass appears.

3. Prune & Trim

Dead branches, thick foliage and cluttered shrubs should be pruned back in order to create space for new growth. Whilst they may look bare now, come the blossom of spring, your trees and shrubs will have space to grow in all their glory.

For more information on our professional garden maintenance services, be sure to give us, here at Garden Busters, a call on 08000 35 11 33.

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