With many homes standing side-by-side trees can present serious problems for structural borders.

Fast growing trees, while ideal for quickly taking root and helping to bring privacy to newly built homes, can also cause problems if this growth remains unchecked. 

In a garden bordered by as many as three homes the roots of the trees can spread out underneath garden fencing or walls and begin to push up the wooden fencing separating the house, or even damage concrete foundations.

Species such as Ash can grow rapidly, going from a mere sapling to a towering presence over several years. As the roots push up they will disturb the surrounding area, which can pose continual risks if not addressed early.

Felling border trees

Unfortunately the only solution to prevent this problem in many cases is felling the tree. This will have to be done be a professional to make sure that the work is done safely and accurately.

It is always a shame to cut down trees though and many gardeners are reluctant to lose them. To avoid the need for a tree surgeon to come in at a later date and fell a tree it is best to do a bit of research and find out which tree is best suited to the space you have.

Some trees do work well in borders. These include:

  • Magnolia
  • Acers (Japanese Maple)
  • Crab apple trees
  • Silver birch
  • Ornamental cherry blossoms
  • Pyrus salicifolia

Where space is limited it is important to choose a tree with an expected growth that is suited to a small or medium-sized garden. Trees are usually sold with supporting advice of the potential growth to be expected in height and width.

Trees make excellent garden features and help to protect privacy so don’t let the size of your garden put you off planting one or more trees, just make sure you don’t make a choice you might regret later.

A tree surgeon can provide annual pruning to ensure even growth for a strong tree and garden aesthetics. They will be aware of ways to protect the tree from unnecessary damage and will carry out the pruning in a safe manner.

If you are blessed with a large garden where shared borders are not an issue enjoy the freedom to plant larger trees, just make sure they are well maintained to protect their structure and surrounding plants.

Contact the professionals for advice

If you have a tree that is causing problems to the boundaries of your garden or if you are unsure about the best way to tackle pruning contact the Garden Busters team by calling 08000 35 1133 today.

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