Time to prune garden trees ahead of spring re-growth

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The end of winter is the perfect time to get ready for the gardening year ahead – it is also the perfect time to prune trees. Tree pruning is best left until the end of winter when the trees remain dormant ahead of the sap rising as they enter the growth period heralded by the… Read more »

Christmas trees in the garden – what you need to know

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It’s that time of year when trees come indoors – yes, Christmas is here and thousands of homes will be furnished with beautiful conifers. Christmas trees are part and parcel of our festive celebrations and many families are happy to pay anything between £20 and £60 each year for a decent tree. While the cost… Read more »

Tree preservation orders – what you need to know

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Houses, warehouses, roads – there is a lot of competition for space in our communities but spare a thought for the humble tree. Development, unfortunately, often comes at a price for nature. And this is the time that Tree Preservation Orders frequently come into play to protect trees of special interest. What does a Tree… Read more »

Get your garden shipshape this autumn

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Autumn is a great time for gardeners to lay the foundations for springtime success. A little bit of effort before the first frost goes a long way to protecting your garden and keeping it in tip top condition. Really it could be seen as a spring clean for your garden, it’s just the opposite season!… Read more »

Barking up the wrong tree? What species are best suited to gardens?

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Trees are a fantastic addition to gardens – they bring privacy, interest and wildlife, but not all species are ideal for smaller gardens. Such is the powerful nature of trees that planting the right species can even help to control garden problems, particularly if you have clay soil or drainage issues. Some trees, however, need… Read more »

Japanese Knotweed: The anti-social menace

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You know the type – the one that sneaks up out of nowhere, starts throwing their weight around, too tough to take in hand and then casts a shadow on everything, yes we’re talking about Japanese Knotweed. The ecological bully, Japanese Knotweed lies in wait underground over the winter months, then as summer approaches and… Read more »

When to Call a Tree Surgeon

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Cutting down a tree or its branches is not an easy thing to do. Sawing tree limbs is one thing, but sawing them safely and ensuring the tree will stay alive is another thing. Most people are not aware of the safest ways to cut down a tree to the ground so that is why… Read more »